Fun Run 2009

Thank you sponsors!

Event sponsor

Franklin Mutual Insurance Co.


Cumberland Insurance Group

Water bottles

Gemini Restoration Inc.

Start Line

Lois Mitchell, in memory of Samuel Mitchell


Maiden Re


Mercer Insurance Group

Awards and the boardwalk break

Metcom Excess

Mile marker and breakfast buffet

New Jersey 1752 Club

Water station

Owens Group

Breakfast buffet

Peerless Insurance

Runners’ towels and breakfast buffet

RCA Insurance Group

Mile marker

Ronan Agency

Breakfast buffet

Schenck, Price, Smith & King


Strategic Risk Managers

Finish line

T.E. Freuler Agency

Mile marker

Thank you fundraisers!

Overall company

1st place—Franklin Mutual Insurance Co. ($57,093)
2nd place—ARI Insurance Cos.
3rd place—Selective Insurance

Overall agency

1st place—Jimcor Agencies ($7,456)
2nd place—McMahon Agency
3rd place—Lawley-Sachs Agency


1st place—Stacia Peterson of Selective Insurance ($1,150)
2nd place—Deborah Quinn of Mercer Insurance Group
3rd place—John Decke of Franklin Mutual Insurance Co.

Thank you team captains!

ARI Insurance Cos.

Debbie Herder Bulik

Cumberland Insurance Group

Glenn Watkins

Franklin Mutual Insurance Co.

Dale Martin

Harleysville Insurance Group

Tom Loughery

Heritage Insurance Agency Inc.

Michael Connolly

Jimcor Agency

Coryn Thalmann

Lawley-Sachs Agency

Julia Dresser

McMahon Agency Inc.

Maura McMahon Primus

Mercer Insurance Co.

Deborah Quinn

New Jersey Young Insurance Professionals

Danielle Priori

New York Young Insurance Professionals

Amy Bryan

Palisades Safety & Insurance

Norma Alvarez

Selective Insurance Group

Melissa Chiarchiaro

TD Bank

Jennifer Provenzano

Race awards

Special Olympic athletes

1st place—Kelly Woods
2nd place—Howie Bank
3rd place—Chris McCormac

Overall male

1st place—Chris Mignone (18:15)
2nd place—Daniel Quinlan (19:29)
3rd place—Kevin Hill (19:38)

Overall female

1st place—Jennifer Heist (21:40)
2nd place—Tory Martin (23:22)
3rd place—Trish Lang (25:20)

Young Insurance Professionals

1st place—Glenn Watkins (24:06)
2nd place—Shawn Kain (25:57)
3rd place—Danielle Priori (26:00)

Team awards

1st place—ARI Insurance Cos.
2nd place—Franklin Mutual Insurance Co.
3rd place—Cumberland Insurance Group

NJYIP/NY-YIP Team Challenge Winner

New Jersey Young Insurance Professionals


The Maksin Group

Winning runners by age categories


1st place—Ryan Ganley
2nd place—Tori Martin


1st place—Eric Hitchner
2nd place—Amy Bryan


1st place—Terry Clemens
2nd place—Danielle Priori


1st place—Tom Heist
2nd place—Julia Dresser


1st place—Doug Johnston
2nd place—Deborah Quinn

60 and over

1st place—Doug Neri
2nd place—Dorothy Dreher

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